(In-house project) is Australia’s leading thoroughbred media platform with a reach of 95% of Australians through their free-to-air channels. Alongside their broadcast they offer digital content via the website, msite & app. Followers of thoroughbred racing consume all kinds of content, from form & analyst to news, video and profiles.

Previously, the app was available on iOS only and had a confusing navigation structure with a slow response time which lead to a downturn of users. The previous app rating on the Apple App Store was 3 stars out of 5 with a lot of negative reviews on the usability. 

The nature of this project was to deliver an enhanced customer experience on’s mobile Apps (iOS & Android) with a new design and framework architecture. Since the release,’s total year-over-year session and user growth figures for web and app are sitting at a remarkable 25%.’s app peaked as the #2 trending app in Australia and currently has a 4.6 rating on the Apple Store. It also was awarded silver in the 2019 Melbourne Design Awards.



To deliver on the key project goals and core objectives, a tailored UX program was defined to validate user needs, all while ensuring continuous delivery of the designs for development.  Part of this process was to continually develop the app wireframes based on feedback received from the UX process.



navigation - user feedback

I like it when the navigation is at the bottom, a lot of other sporting apps have a hamburger menu which I don’t like... I like quick access.
— Avid Punter
I think the menu needs to be prominent so in my preference, a bottom anchored menu works better app for navigation.
— Avid Punter

Racing form - user feedback

I’m watching live vision and going through next to jump and today’s upcoming races.
— Avid Punter
I’m envisioning that the replays will be integrated into the racing form.
— Race Goer


An icon font was developed to help alleviate the issue of pixelation across different screen sizes on the iOS & Android platform. This allowed the app to be consistent on different screens, including iPad so it wouldn't hinder the user's experience. The font consists of 70+ icons which were created in Adobe Illustrator.



news & video - user feedback

Recent news on the first view with the ability to dive deeper into a subject
— Race Goer
I currently use the app to catch up on the replays & reviews in the morning
— Avid Punter
If I missed an episode of Get On I want to be able to watch it on my device.
— Avid Punter

A final note, a massive thank you to the other contributes on this project - Our Very Own & We Are You