Our Mission

At Studio XIV, our mission is to deliver superior service with a high-end product. Every task is unique & we want to create a beautiful yet functional product that not only helps elevate your brand but also is a stepping stone into developing a trusting relationship with us.

If you have an idea or just want to ask a question, get in touch with us. We’re happy to work with you no matter how big or small the task may be. - Contact us


Studio XIV (Fourteen) is the brainchild of me, Joel Chris. Born and raised in the city of Melbourne, I have been in the design field for over ten years. Alongside my freelance work, I have been employed by two major sporting bodies, the Australian Football League (AFL) and Racing Victoria, whilst still holding onto my childhood dream of being a basketball star.

What does Fourteen represent?
It began from a young age with butchers paper and some paint which turned into family stick figure portraits. No one but me could understand what those brushstrokes meant, I knew I could not get enough of it, and from there my love for art and design grew. My mum, Mary, also loved art and was my biggest influence growing up. Always my biggest fan; she guided me through the start of my design journey. I believe all artists are born with the skill, it just needs to be explored.

With Fourteen I continue exploring. Fourteen was my mother’s number, now this represents me as a designer. It represents how grateful I am for her direction, and how she inspired me every day, and continues to do so.

I specialise in anything design - print or digital, and have a passion for photography. I pride myself on designing inventive, multifaceted solutions for a broad spectrum of clients, on a range of platforms.

If you have an idea or just want to ask a question get in touch with Studio XIV. We’re happy to work with you no matter how big or small the task it may be. - Contact us

Brands worked with


From start-ups to some of the biggest brands in Australia, we’ve worked with some awesome organisations over the years. Whether we bring a brand to life or enhance one that already exists, everything we do is to make them bigger, bolder and stronger. Above is a snapshot of some of the companies we’ve worked with along the way.